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the girl behind the camera...

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I'm the most happiest living life with coffee in one hand & a camera in the other. Surrounded by the people I love. More specifically my little family I have made with my husband & daughters. I am a wife to my best friend. I have known my husband since I was 14 & I was literally the girl next door. We became friends, fell in love & the rest was history as they say. I am a mama to two beautiful little girls that hold my heart. Motherhood came into my life like the most beautiful storm & swept me away. I have been riding the wave ever since just learning as I go and trying to be the best Mama I can be. 

I'm a holiday season, cold weather & warm comfy clothes kind of girl. Fall & Winter is the best time of year. I have a lot of hobbies all of which involve creating of some sort. Being able to stay busy in a creative way is super important & extremely necessary for me. Oh yeah, & I basically consider myself a T.V show expert.

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my approach

I enjoy the classic posed shots, but candid photos have my heart. During our session we will get the posed photos out of the way early on (don't worry I will NEVER say "Say Cheese") & go straight into my favorite part & what gets my creativity going wild. Getting those REAL shots. If you feel awkward in front of the camera don't worry, I will still help guide you with positioning. What about tickle fights, back rides, butterfly kisses, big bear hugs, & running into the arms of the one you love. Then during certain moments I will back away & capture the genuine interaction between you & your love(s). This method I use for families & couples. But don't worry, If it is a solo portrait session my technique is still similar, we'll be talking the whole time, i'll crack some silly jokes hoping I get that genuine laughter & be your biggest fan hyping you up the whole time. 

Do you like what you hear?