Frequently Asked Questions

May I have the RAW/ Unedited images?

Nope! I do not give out RAW or unedited images ever. They do not represent my true work, taking the photos is just one of the steps, editing is a completely different one. It is part of my process. When you receive the final images they will be delivered with my personal touch. 

My editing style is warmed toned, depending on the location, occasion, & what inspires me the editing will either be more vibrant or moody.

Do you photoshop your clients?

Nope! I do light retouching which includes some skin smoothing, removing blemishes, bruises & minor retouches of that nature. I absolutely will not change the shape of your body. I want you to see what I saw when taking the photos, how beautiful you are. I strive for real & authentic interaction with my clients & for that to come out in my photos. I understand insecurities, fears & doubts you may have about being in front of the camera. Trust me, I understand. But that is what I am here for, to help you through any fear or doubt during or before your session & to encourage you on!

How do we book you?

Be sure to check out my investments page for the type of sessions I offer along with the about me page to find out my approach to my sessions. If you think that I am the girl for you then you head on over to the CONTACT page to book your session. 

Be sure to tell me about YOU, your story, & what it is you are looking for. It is important to me to feel like I get to know you. I also ask for you to leave your Instagram name if you have an account so that it can help me put a name to the face. 

Other ways You can book are through email or through Facebook Natachia Milller Photography or instagram @natachiamillerphotography.

I require a 50% deposit along with a signed contract to secure your date. The rest of the payment is due 2 days before your session

What is your turn around time?

For regular sessions my turn around time is 1 week! I will deliver a sneak peek photo 1 to 2 days after our session. Honestyly though I usually get these galleries out pretty quickly, Sometimes the very next day! It all depends how extensive the retouching needs to be. Gallery delivery day is my favorite though so I am always so excited to start

How many photos will I receive?

For my full sessions I promise a minimum of 30 photos but I do not put a max on my delivery. I love delivering you your sessions & definitely will not hold out on your beautiful memories which is why I don't put a limit on how many photos you will receive.

Do you travel? Where are you based?

I am SoCal (southern california) based ! I book my local sessions in the Riverside & San Diego Counties. Yes, I do travel, I love it & it is something I definitely want to do more of ! If having me traveling out to your location for a session or wedding is something that you are interested in please reach out. 

How will we receive our photos?

You will receive your photos through an online gallery that you are able to download them through and share with your loved ones. I offer a few different tangible goods for my clients as well like Prints, Printed Canvas, and Wooden boxes. Online galleries are great & easy access but all of those special tangibles make for amazing keepsakes & there is just such an amazing feeling having your hands on your photos.

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