the love, the memories, the investment

for the ones wildly in love

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Couples & Engagements

Dating, Been together for a while, Anniversary coming up, or Married for years? It doesn't matter the occasion, it is never a wrong time to capture your love. Your session will basically be a sweet date night with you, the love of your life & little ol' me tagging along with my camera. My goal is to capture YOUR love authentically.

Recently got engaged ? Becoming engaged is a HUGE moment in your life. It is the first step to planning the big day for you and your love. Don't forget to savor & capture this moment as each others fiance before the planning really gets started because before you know it, you'll be saying your vows as a bride & groom.

- Starting at $300

for the new and growing families

Maternity, Fresh 48, & Lifestyle Newborn

OMG! You're gonna be a Mama! Maybe for the first time, second, or fifth time. No matter how many times you have gone through pregnancy before, each and everyone is so special & should be celebrated. Being a mother myself, maternity sessions are so special to me. I am here to capture this super exciting & beautiful moment for you that you will cherish forever as well as those few days right after having your baby, getting to know the little person you just spent 9 months creating. As a mama myself I know just how important capturing these fleeting & memorable moments are

Now 9 months have flown by! You've bought the diapers & the onesies, made the announcements, went through so much & NOW YOUR BABY IS HERE! I offer these in home lifestyle newborn sessions for you to be able to stay in the comfort of your home with your brand new baby. I will capture beautiful & real moments between you & you new little bundle of joy within the first month after bringing them into the world. 

- Maternity $300

- Fresh 48 $400

- Lifestyle Newborn $350

Bump to Baby: $600              

(2 of the sessions)

Baby Bundle: $850              

(All 3 sessions)

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for the families & children full of happiness

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Families & Children

Being a mom myself I know just how fast kids grow. The love between families is like no other & being able to capture those sweet moments that will be hung on your walls & looked back on for years to come makes my heart so happy. I genuinely love the candid moments of your little ones playing, you parenting your children, those sweet genuine hugs, kisses & laughs. Don't ever worry about your little ones probably not wanting to sit still for the camera because trust me I am used to it being a Mama as well. Them wanting to play & be themselves are exactly those sweet moments I will be capturing. Secure your family, children, & mommy and me sessions with me to turn these fleeting moments of them being this little into timeless memories.

-Starting at $350

for life's special moments

Portraits & More

I offer a variety of sessions for you ! There are so many moments in our lives that deserve to be captured & celebrated. Portraits, Graduations, Birthdays, Friendships (yes friendship sessions are a thing) & so many more. Even if for no other reason than just because you want photos done of yourself. So if you have a session in mind that you don't see listed here, be sure to still reach out & I will be more than happy to get your session secured!

-Starting at $300




My boudoir playlist blasting, you feeling amazing & me being your #1 hype woman is what our session will consist of ! There are so many reasons why women could want to do a boudoir session, overall the number thing they want to feel is AMAZING about themselves during the session & even more so when viewing the photos, that's what I am here for!

My boudoir sessions will be held in an indoor studio location in Fallbrook. This studio offers a variety of rooms to use, beautiful lighting & a great experience.

-Starting at $450