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our love for photography

Thank you for choosing me to learn from. I am honored to say the least. When starting my business I went to every resource I could to learn editing skills, contracts, marketing & so on. I am so excited to be able to share this knowledge with other photographers! You & I have something in common right away, our love & passion for this craft. There are so many different areas to touch base, so this is why I offer three different packages to fit multiple needs. Turning your love for photography into a business can be a scary thing at first, so I'm here to help with that. To become your friend & your mentor.

" I had my first ever mentor session with Natachia! I have done some photography , but I am looking to grow my business, I had some questions regarding camera settings, editing, software, branding, etc. She was so helpful and informative! She took her time to explain everything and give me her tips and tricks! I am feeling so inspired and so excited to get behind my camera and to keep growing as a photographer myself. I have always loved her work since she started in the business and I'm so happy she took the time to mentor me and give me her advice. Thank you Natachia! From one photography lover to another."

-Janessa Richardson


The Video Chat
The Coffee Date
The Full Experience
1 hour just You, Me & all the questions you have about this business we both love! Grab some snacks, charge your phone or laptop & be ready to take some detailed notes. We will discuss starting a business, running your social media, edititng, posing & any other quesiton you may have. You'll leave our conversation with answers and a new Bestie!
You & I will meet up for coffee & chat in person about camera gear, lightroom & photoshop basics, We will also go over the importance of editing styles, your social media, and your website if you have one. I want you to leave feeling like you have gained a little better knowledge on how to run your business. 
Come along and shadow me on a couples or family session. You will see how I pose my clients, interact with them & you will get a chance to do so as well. You'll gain photos for your portfolio and be a little more comfortable with clients. Afterwards we will go out for coffee, talk about delivering galleries, running a business, and anything else it takes. Come prepared with all the questions you may have & be ready for a great time!
Starting at: $150
Starting at: $250
Starting at: $350
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